Our Story is His-story

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Stories of God's Grace

Camp Elim

In 2002, the Hayman Fire burned thousands of acres near Woodland Park, Colorado. Camp Elim was in its path, and they had to evacuate. When the staff was allowed to return to the camp, they discovered that the fire had burned within a few hundred yards of the camp. Then, for no explainable reason, the fire turned back on itself and retreated. God spared Elim, and it continues to provide a Christ-centered experience for students. This year, over 1000 students enjoyed the camp.


Positive Alternatives Preschool

In 2014, a leader at Christ Community Church was at a picnic speaking to a neighbor. He learned that the preschool she ran was in danger of closing as they had lost the space they rented. He brought her to Christ Community, and beautiful friendship began. Positive Alternatives moved into Christ Community Church that year, benefiting both the church and the preschool. God’s timing is perfect!


Sharing our Space

Our building says Christ Community Church on the sign…we are but caretakers. More than 20 years ago, we became a shared space, when Doulos Korean Church became our second congregation. In more recent years, an Indonesian congregation has also shared our space. Now, the Denver Korean SDA Church meets here as well. Perhaps our name should be Christ’s Community Church.


12 Steps

One of our first ministry outreaches was to partner with 12-step programs in the Denver area by providing a meeting place. We first housed 12-Step programs when we were Southridge Community Church in our first location, a partnership that has spanned 60 years. CCC has always accepted the challenge to make our building accessible because it is Christ’s Community Church.


Garage Sale-ing for God

Christ Community Church has been involved with ChristAid for almost 15 years. Many years ago—probably 2002 or 2003—Bruce and Maggie, along with Rick and Nancy Hollis, were holding a garage sale for an elderly member of our congregation, Bucky O’Neill. David Mporampora stopped by that sale, and a relationship was born! You may not know that David is a very talented musician, and his band, called Sifa Sifa, soon visited CCC to lead a worship service.

Before long, members of CCC were sponsoring Ahadi Kids and Grandmas. Since that time, this church has sent 4 mission groups to Uganda to work at ChristAid Academy. In conjunction with many other churches, $30,000 was raised to purchase and ship a Block Press to help build homes and other buildings in the village of Kicuna. Funds were also raised to put a roof on the church building in Kicuna. A solar power system has been built for the school, and sanitary restrooms have been completed. Many members from Christ Community Church have been on the board of directors for the ChristAid Organization. And now, Pastor Bruce is the United States director for the organization.

So much good has grown out of Bucky’s garage sale! God does work in mysterious ways!


Teach a Man to Build

After several years of involvement in ChristAid, God brought forth the mission of providing a Vermeer block press to the village of Kicuna in Uganda. The block press allows self-sufficiency in the village as they are able to create affordable, clean housing and providing jobs. The block press also benefits the school.


Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids is a Christian organization working with the public schools. The organization provides tutoring and mentorship to some of the most vulnerable students. But bringing a Christian group together with a public school is not always an easy task. There are instances where the public school has resisted the help for year. That was not the case with CCC’s Whiz Kids group. Heather Macari was teaching at Holm Elementary, and she was able to bring her church family and her school family together as God smoothed the path. Both Holm Elementary and CCC have been blessed.



God’s Perfect Timing

One would think that being kept from a flight on the way to a mission trip because of a passport issue is not a gift from God. Brad Foos knows otherwise. That was the situation he found himself in as his mission group to Uganda left without him. 24 hours later, the problem was fixed and he was on his way. But because of the delay, he was able to get to know Moses, the husband of Grace, the new ChristAid director in Uganda. Moses is a doctor, and had made plans to move his clinic to Kicuna. God’s perfect timing brought Brad and Moses together, allowing Brad to become involved with the clinic as a financial advisor.


Sending Out

Many young people who have grown up at CCC have gone on to ministry. Caryn Baham joined the staff of the African Children’s Choir as a director in 1995. She is now a chaplain at a retirement village. Brenda Olson’s daughter Jennifer and her husband Mark Oshman have been in ministry for several years, beginning with serving the US military in Japan through Cadence, International. Katie (Murphy) Powell and her husband Colton became part of the ministry staff of Navigators on the University of Wyoming campus. Colton is now the director. Grace (Moeckly) Hoffman and her husband Jon have served on the staff at Camp Elim, and now at Kauii Bible College. Rebekah Doctor, Nika Zina and Macy Franken, among others, have served on the staff at Camp Elim.


Vacation Bible School

Through Whiz Kids we became involved with kids from the Artisan Apartments. Arlin Nydam felt called to host a Vacation Bible School program at the apartments for the kids there. It was an amazing week. Each day, more and more kids came, and each day, member of our church arrived to help with crafts, snacks, puppetry and games. At the end of the week, we hosted a dinner and a puppet show for the families. It was truly God sending CCC out into the neighborhood!


The Bread Man

From 2004-2017, Christ Community Church was a distribution center for Panera Bread. Once a week, Panera would donate its leftover bread, and it would be given out through CCC.

Arlin Nydam earned the nickname the Bread Man. He would take the bread to nearby apartments and give it to whoever needed it. The kids loved to see him coming, and looked for him on goodies day!


Sharing the Music

Rock-n-Reach was an outdoor music and fun festival that happened in the CCC parking lot each summer. It was the brain-child of Josh and Connie Tilsley. For many summers we had the opportunity to share great food, fun times and some amazing local Christian bands with our neighbors.

Like Rock-n-Reach, Log-on was a ministry of music, worship and fun. It provided an atmosphere for people who might be uncomfortable with a traditional church to learn about Jesus and ask questions.


Is it I?

Imagine the opportunity to examine the question “Was it my sin that held Jesus to the cross?” God has challenged us with this question many times through the production of “The Living Lord’s Supper”. This Easter masterpiece encourages every view to ask the question “Is it I?”